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Turku Student Village Foundation has updated its strategy – more affordable, communal living, and environmentally friendly apartments for students

Turku Student Village Foundation (TYS) has updated its strategy. The Foundation aims to meet constantly changing tenant needs and to offer affordable, good-quality apartments for as many students in Turku as possible. The strategy identifies eight different objectives and methods for achieving them by 2030.

“The needs students have in terms of living have changed and they keep changing at a rather fast pace. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, studying activities have moved from the campus into the home, which causes different kinds of requirements for space concepts both in apartments and in our buildings. Our long-term goal is to provide housing for approximately 25% of students in Turku”, states TYS CEO Risto Siilos.

The number of apartment places will grow through building more good-quality apartments for students. The focus for new construction will be on campus area. As always, the goal is to keep rents affordable for students.

“We operate on a cost pricing principle and we want to maintain our rent level 15-20% below market prices as in previous years. An affordable and cozy apartment in which it´s good to live and study in enables our tenants to move ahead in their studies”, Siilos adds.

The Foundation is also seeking to be a front-runner in environmentally and climatically friendly construction and to create prerequisites for achieving carbon neutrality by 2029.

“The new Tyyssija location currently under construction is a good example of how we are putting this strategy into practice. For example, there will be solar panels installed on top of the roof of Tyyssija, which will provide energy for the building. Additionally, surplus heat from the building’s district cooling system will be used to heat the building”, Siilos explains.
The objectives will be realized with the help of Foundation tenants, staff, and collaborators. A high priority during the strategy period is to engage tenants and increase communality, and to develop personnel and partnerships.

“Expanding staff competencies, gathering information on tenant needs, and active development of partnerships also with other operators in the field are in a key position in the execution of the strategy”, Siilos states.

For a detailed look on the updated strategy for Turku Student Village Foundation, please visit