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The new tenant bloggers have been chosen! Get to know them!

In September, we were looking for new tenant bloggers among our tenants to post Instagram Stories related to housing and student life for TYS. They have now been chosen, continue reading to find out who they are. The bloggers take weekly blogging turns over a period of one year. If you’re not following the TYS Instagram yet, start checking it out right away! Junhua will start in TYS Instagram Stories on November 2 😉


“Hello, Everyone, my name is Junhua and I am a first-year doctoral student in social and behavioral sciences at University of Turku. I came here at the beginning of August and have been living in Student Village since. My apartment is a single-room corridor studio and it’s very cozy and comfortable. I’m so glad that I made it here in the end of summer. It was such a lovely time. And now, the winter is coming. I used to live in Lund in Sweden so I know how depressing the Nordic winter can be. So, I take this blogger job as a chance to get to know more people and get myself socially active, at least in the online world. In the coming weeks under my shift, I will share some of my very fresh experience here in Turku and hopefully will provide some useful tips or just some delightful anecdotes for our dear followers. Please drop any questions in English, or Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Swedish, I will be very happy to help you out. (Yeah sorry not yet in Finnish. It is a speechlessly difficult language.) Stay tuned and keep in touch!”


”I’m a third-year student of Bachelor of Business Administration at Turku University of Applied Sciences, with BusinessAcademy as my study path. At the moment, I’m finishing my last study modules before starting my final year project. I’m currently staying in Tavasti after spending a few months in Student Village. I have spent a total of about two years at TYS and have enjoyed my stay very much.

I followed the previous tenant bloggers closely and got very interested in this. I also wish to challenge myself to learn more about content production and that is one of the reasons I applied for a tenant blogger. In my blog, I will try to cover a wide variety of subjects related to student life and housing at TYS. I will also surely discuss many current issues.

I look very much forward to the coming blogging year and hope that my future blogs will benefit as many people as possible. See you soon in my blogs!”


”Right now, I’m a senior in high school.  I live by myself in Student Village East, in an apartment with 34 square metres, one room and a farmhouse kitchen. I have been a TYS tenant since the beginning of this year and I have enjoyed myself tremendously! What I like best are the great location close to the centre and the beautiful nature that surrounds us and offers wonderful exercise opportunities. I have personally followed posts by the tenant bloggers and liked them very much, so as soon as I saw the announcement I immediately sent in my application! In particular, I hope to shed some light on the possibility of moving out and living on your own at a younger age. I would like my blog to become a versatile platform through which I can share bits and pieces of my everyday life in the Student Village. I will try to add variety to my blog and include all sorts of issues, from cooking to interior decorations and from studies to kitchen sink psychology.”


“Hello! My name is Viivi and I’m one of the new TYS tenant bloggers. I’m a student of religious studies, with pedagogical orientation, at the University of Turku. This is my third year and I’m currently writing – more or less successfully – my Bachelor’s thesis.

I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Student Village East with my partner and our two cats, Kumina and Mimmi. Our apartment has 47 square metres and it’s perfect for two people and as many cats. Our one-bedroom apartment is located on the ground floor and thus we also have a small garden that we put to good use last summer.

I have been a TYS tenant for a little over two years now. I moved to Turku in August 2018 to study and spent a little over a year in a 23-square-metre studio near our current home. So, I can say that I have been a happy TYS tenant for my entire student career so far! Both the studio and our current apartment had been renovated before we moved in, and for instance all maintenance work has been carried out smoothly. I have nothing but positive things to say about Student Village East. Both houses I have stayed at have been very quiet and peaceful to live in, just like the surrounding neighbourhoods.

I applied for a tenant blogger as I feel that I can produce interesting and diverse content that will reach out to people on many levels. And of course, I will post a lot about our pets! My personal interests include, among others, cooking and baking, as well as various crafts, reading, and outdoor recreation. In these corona times, there has been ample opportunity to do all these and as these exceptional circumstances continue, everyone will also continue to spend a lot of time at home. Maybe over the coming winter I will have a chance to teach my followers to knit some woollen socks, who knows?”