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The heating schedules of TYS housing location´s saunas will be reduced to save electricity

The war in Ukraine has led to problems with energy prices and energy access in Finland and throughout Europe. During the cold months the price of electricity and heating will be exceptionally high.

Everyone should also be prepared for intermittent energy shortages. Shortages might be caused by long freezing periods with no wind, low supply of Nordic hydropower electricity, power plant outages or maintenance outages and high electricity demand in Central Europe. Electricity shortages might lead to distribution outages. The risk of outages can be reduced by paying close attention to your electricity consumption habits and times.

We have sent an email to all our tenants informing everyone about the TYS´ Energy saving campaign, where we’re encouraging our tenants to think about their energy consumption habits. As part of the campaign, TYS is reviewing, among other things, sauna schedules.

TYS housing locations have about 60 saunas in total, with over 1300 hours of reservable sauna shifts per week. The saunas are heated according to the heating schedule even when shifts remain unreserved. Unreserved shifts are therefore a waste of energy.

We have been monitoring sauna shift usage from autumn 2021 to spring 2022 and have decided to reduce the heating schedule of the saunas. Shifts that have been utilized less than 60 % will be removed from the schedule. By removing shifts that have had low usage, we can, in less than six weeks, save electricity equal to the annual consumption of an average detached house.

The proposal of sauna shifts to be removed has been delivered to the tenant committee of each housing location, and they have had the opportunity to comment the issue. No changes will be made to common sauna shifts.

The reduced heating schedule of the saunas will be introduced 1st of November 2022. Please note that any bookings made for canceled shifts in November will be removed and the tenant sauna credit returned to the tenant. Tenants can see the sauna shifts of their housing location and book sauna shifts on TYSBooking.