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The Finnish Red Cross training in Student Village East on Saturday, 26th October 2019

A national Red Cross preparedness training is taking place in Student Village East on Saturday, 26th October, from 12.00 to 14.00. Red Cross volunteers will be going door to door, ringing doorbells and asking the residents questions.

The Finnish Red Cross arranges a national preparedness training every three years. This year the theme of the training is access to clean water, and in Turku volunteers are training effective data collection in case of an imagined water crisis.

picture: Joonas Brandt/SPR

No personal, identifiable data will be collected from Student Village residents during the training. Volunteers will be practicing collecting data on a mobile application developed in Turku.

Please note that this is only an imaginary scenario!
Tap water is 100% safe to use in the area.

Red Cross volunteers will be training together with Voluntary Rescue Service volunteers. Volunteers wearing Red Cross vests (red) or Voluntary Rescue Service vests (yellow) will introduce themselves and they do not need to come into the apartments. Student Village residents do not need to prepare for the training in any way.

Access to clean, safe water is a human right and therefore the Finnish Red Cross is raising awareness on the issue in 2019. Thank you for your cooperation during the preparedness training!

For more information, please contact
The Finnish Red Cross Turku branch
+358 400 825 757