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Welcome to the Student Bike Fair on 9th of September 2023 – come repair and tune your bike in the courtyard of Tyyssija!

Student Bike Fair
Sat 9th of September 2023 between 12 noon and 4 p.m.
Inspehtorinkatu 12, Turku
Tyyssija´s courtyard, Student Village

Repair and tune your bike and enjoy yourself on the terrace!

At the Student Bike Fair, students can come and repair and customize their own bicycles in a fun atmosphere. Experts from Turku bike kitchen (Turun Pyöräpaja) will be there to help you, and you can also borrow some tools. There is a small selection of spare parts for sale. There will be some topic-related program and restaurant Elo will sell drinks and food on the terrace for the enjoyment of all participants!

Sell or recycle your bike

One of the most important themes of the fair is recycling. If you have an extra bicycle, you can bring it to the fair for sale (you can bring the bike to the display with contact information, however, the transaction is made directly between the seller and the buyer). If your bike is completely unusable, you can also bring it to the metal recycling. There is a general metal recycling point in the fair, so you can bring any metal to the fair (no other waste, only metal!).

Tuning your bike

You can also donate to the fair all such useful extra stuff that others can use for tuning of the bicycle! Specially we would like to have different battery-powered lights and LED light sets (so-called Christmas lights), so people can make their bicycles shine in the dark! So, if you have extra Christmas lights, other battery lights, or other stuff that can be safely attached to a bike that you don’t need anymore, take it to the fair with you and make your fellow students happy!

Try a new hobby

Promoting cycling can also be your new hobby! Turku bike kitchen (Turun Pyöräpaja) has been doing important volunteer work for cycling since 2015, and anyone interested can participate, regardless of skills and knowledge, in Finnish or English. So come to the fair and get more info about Turku bike kitchen (Turun Pyöräpaja)!

Wash your bike! But later…

Unfortunately, it is not possible to wash your bike at the fair, but in the future the first public bike “wash point” in all of Finland may be in Turku near Ylioppilastalot, so washing a bike will be easy in the future!

Event Partners:

Study in Turku
Turku Student Village Foundation/TYS
Turun Pyöräpaja (bike kitchen)
Turku University of Applied Sciences/Circular Economy line

The programme of the fair will be published later.

Turku Bike Fair 2024!

The Student Bike Fair is a spinn-off event of Turku Bike Fair. The Turku Bike Fair main event will be held next time in August 2024.

Student Bike Fair is organized by:

Turun Pyörämessut Oy