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Autumn’s housing application process for new students has begun! – Students who have already started their studies can still apply for housing for June and July

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Even though we are all now dreaming of summer, it is good to take some time to consider your housing plans for the autumn. Below, we share some tips for the autumn’s apartment application process for both new students and people who have already started their studies.

New students

You can apply for a TYS apartment even before your student admission has been confirmed, at the earliest three months before you need the apartment. The housing application process therefore starts on 1st May. Please state clearly in your application whether you have already been admitted as a student or whether you are just applying for a student place for the autumn. The earlier you submit your application, the better chances of getting an apartment you will have. Your application will be graded, and this grade will also be affected by from how far you are moving to the city. The application must be complemented with your student admission confirmation when you receive it. If you are not accepted as a student, please remember to cancel your application.

TYS will prioritise new, starting students in the August and September apartment queues, but there is a large number of apartment applicants in the autumn and, unfortunately, we cannot provide an apartment for them all. That is why we recommend starting your apartment application process as early on as possible, and you should also include other options than studio apartments in your application. You should therefore review the different housing options and locations (18 different locations around Turku) with an open mind. As there is a huge influx of new tenants in summer and in early autumn, we unfortunately cannot fulfil the tenants’ special requests, such as wishes related to the apartment’s building floor or the direction of its windows. Please remember that we will only offer you apartments that meet the criteria that you have determined in your application. Therefore, you should include many various apartment types and locations in your application to improve your chances of getting an apartment. If you want a furnished apartment, only shared apartments are available.

You you can explore all housing options in the online apartment search. If you are an exchange student, please read the instructions on the exchange student housing page  on how to apply for exchange student housing and fill in an application through the exchange student pages.

You can also explore studio with a shared kitchen in Student Village west and two-bedroom apartment in Student Village east by checking 3D images of the apartments! You can also view pictures and videos of our apartments on our Instagram @tysturku.

A student who has started his/hers studies

If you have already started your studies in Turku, we recommend that you rent an apartment in spring/early summer, as it is the time most apartments become vacant. In July, we will start offering apartments to new students starting their studies in the autumn, and in August and September, all apartments becoming available are reserved for new students. If you started your studies last autumn, but have been studying remotely, for example from your home municipality, you should apply for an apartment for June or July, as you cannot get an apartment from TYS after that until in October. In this case, however, you should take into account that apartments become available less frequently than before the start of the term.

If you live in a TYS apartment in summer, you can also offer your apartment up for mid-term leasing. More information on mid-term leases is available e here.

You can see our apartments that are free right now in the online apartment search by by selecting ‘available apartments’ as your search criteria. You can also explore studio with a shared kitchen in Student Village west and two-bedroom apartment in Student Village east by checking 3D images of the apartments!