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In the buildings and courtyards of the Student Village Foundation of Turku (TYS) must be obeyed these regulations as well as Public Order Act and other legislation. These regulations are formed by TYS’s tenants.


The front doors must be kept locked. It is extremely important to make sure that the door closes properly when entering or exiting a building in order to prevent uninvited guests entering the staircase.
When using the common areas make sure to keep the areas tidy and do not disturb other tenants by making noise. Due to the risk of fire; bicycles, strollers and other equivalent equipment must be stored properly in the signed area.
Smoking is strictly prohibited in all apartments, exterior corridors, French balconies, and in the common areas.
Outdoor antennas and or billboards may not be put up without TYS’s permission.


Garbage and waste must be sorted and taken out in accordance with the given waste sorting guidelines. The tenants are responsible for taking old furniture and household appliances to the dump. Vehicles may be parked only at signed parking areas. It is forbidden to store junk cars and similar vehicles on the parking grounds. Please note that the guest parking is reserved exclusively for temporary guests.


Do not disturb your neighbors and keep the noise down between 23-06. Exceptions to this rules can be made only be negotiating with your neighbors. Keep your apartment tidy and clean at all times. Please report water leaks and other damages on pipes as well as occurrence of pests im-mediately to TYS via a notice of defects form. Tenants in shared apartments share their responsibility of keeping the apartment’s common areas tidy.


The balconies must be kept clean. It is strictly forbidden to store garbage on the balcony and to throw down cigarette butts from the balcony. Whipping of carpets and bed clothes is permitted only on the balconies that are specifically reserved to that purpose or on the matt racks.

5 § PETS

It is forbidden to keep pets in shared apartments.  The pets must be kept on leads, when outdoors and the owner must make sure that the pet does not disturb other tenants.  Walking pets on playgrounds or areas connected to them is forbidden. The pets may not dirty or mark the buildings or the outdoor areas.


Tenant who violates these regulations may be held liable to compensate the damages and the lease might end up terminated. The tenant is reliable to pay any damages on breaking building structure or furniture. Unsatisfactory cleaning of the apartment results in a liability claim.

Anybody may not disturb with their actions or other ways other tenants’ comfortable living. Tenants must follow the normal livingstandards of domestic peace and good manners.

Tenants are in charge of that also their visitors obey these regulations.

The advisory board of the tenant committées has approved these regulations on a meeting held on the 10th of April 2013.