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Welcome to the Recycling Day on 5th of May – come and sell stuff you don’t need or find great bargains!

Do you have useful household items or clothes at home that you would like to release to be re-used? Or maybe you feel like having a new summer look for your home or for yourself? Do you have any questions about recycling household items?

We are organising a Recycling Day that is open for all tenants on Friday 5th of May between 12 noon and 4 p.m. During the event, tenants are free to sell their household items and clothes on the stairs of Tyyssija’s inner courtyard and at Tutorintori in front of Aitiopaikka, in the spirit of a yard sale. Come and sell what you don’t need for re-use, or find new stuff for yourself for a bargain price!

Spaces are free and do not need separate reservation – you can just show up with your sellables and pick your spot. Everyone selling their stuff gets a Turku eco-dishwashing cloth by KUI Design for free! If the weather is bad, the yard sale will be relocated to TYS n´ Chill at Tyyssija.

During the event, SPR is also organising a Clothing Swap at TYS n´ Chill where you can bring your own clothes and change them to new ones.

Mini Fair gives you more information on recycling

In addition, you can get to know more about the secrets of recycling of household waste from Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto at the Mini Fair on the inner courtyard of Tyyssija. At TYS’s stand, you can find out the best way to recycle useful household items such as furniture and participate in a quiz where lots will be drawn on two 50-euro gift cards to SPR’s Kontti store. You can also participate in the Student Village plogging with the help of RESPONSE mentors.

K-market Ylioppilaskylä will feature special discounts during the event.

Psst! Make sure to also follow news from your own tenant committee 😉 During the weekend of 6th and 7th of May, some of the tenant committees will also organise their own Recycling Day events.