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Service Union United PAM’s strike affects the cleaning of TYS’s housing locations and real estate maintenance in Iltakajo

Service Union United PAM´s strike as an industrial action affects the cleaning of TYS’s housing locations. According to current information, the strike will last from 23rd to 24th of March 2023 unless the negotiating parties find a settlement earlier. In Iltakajo, real estate maintenance also participates in the strike, which is why there may be delays in the processing of fault reports – in urgent cases, notify the TYS Housing office. In other locations, property maintenance works normally.

Due to the strike, no cleaning work will be carried out and the cleaning work will not continue normally until Monday 27th of March 2023. This means, for example, that there will be delays in cleaning the common areas (saunas, laundries, shared kitchens, stairwells, club rooms, etc.) and the rubbish bins in the premises will not be emptied during this time.

We ask tenants for patience and cooperation regarding cleaning. For example, in shared kitchens, tenants can also empty full waste containers to outdoor waste disposal points. Therefore, please also consider other users of the premises even more emphatically during the strike and take care of cleaning after yourself even better than usual. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!