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We are taking part in the European commission’s RESPONSE project – join us in building an energy-positive city district!

TYS is taking part in the European commission’s RESPONSE project, funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, in which we are building a plan towards a climate-friendly and sustainable city by developing smart and carbon-neutral solutions of energy production, building technology and mobility. The project parties from Turku are the City of Turku, the Turku Student Village Foundation, Turku Energia, Turku City Data and Turku University of Applied Sciences.

The project’s pilot sites are ‘lighthouse cities’ Dijon (France) and Turku, which are both developing energy positive residential areas. Other partner cities are Brussels (Belgium), Zaragoza (Spain), Botoșani (Romania), Ptolemaida (Greece), Gabrovo (Bulgaria) and Severodonetsk (Ukraine).

In this project, the parties will implement energy-positive solutions integrated in the housing locations and apartments in the Turku Student Village. The goal of these solutions is to turn the Student Village into an energy-positive city district by producing 120–130% of the area’s energy consumption through environmentally friendly means.

In a nutshell, an energy-positive residential area refers to an area that generates more energy than it consumes on an annual level. The general goal of the RESPONSE project is to create flexible and safe cities while also improving the quality of life and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Creating an energy-positive city district also requires the residents to be active: they are the best experts of their own living environment. The Student Village’s tenant committees and peer operations will play a major role: active tenants, i.e. mentors, will increase awareness of energy matters in the area, share the tenants’ ideas forward and inspire them to contribute in creating an energy-positive Student Village. The Turku University of Applied Sciences is in charge of the cooperation with the tenants.

We will hold two virtual information events to the tenants of the Student Village regarding the RESPONSE project: one on Wednesday 9 December 4 pm–5 pm (in Finnish) and one on Thursday 10 December 4 pm–5 pm (in English). In these events, we will share more information about the solutions to be implemented in the Student Village area and in the apartments as well as about the cooperation to be carried out with the tenants. In the event, you will also be able to ask questions about the project from the experts of the City of Turku, TYS and the Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Registrations by Tuesday 8 December at the latest.

You can register for the Finnish language information event organised on Wednesday 9 December 4 pm–5 pm here:

You can register for the English language information event organised on Thursday 10 December 4 pm–5 pm here:

We will send a link for joining the information event by e-mail to all registered parties.

You are warmly welcome to join and learn more about the project for building an energy-positive city district!