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Here are the new TYS tenant bloggers – follow their daily lives on our Instragram!

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What does the day-to-day life at TYS student apartments look like? Answers to this question can be found on the TYS Instagram, where bloggers selected from among our tenants tell about their lives.

The annual search for new tenant bloggers began earlier in the fall, and we received a ton of great applications. The search is now over, and we can gladly announce that starting in November, our tenant bloggers for the next year are Asanka, Emil, Milla and Oscar!

Each week one of the tenant bloggers will take over our Instagram Stories. First up is Oscar, who will start blogging on the 1st of November. After that the bloggers will take weekly turns.

Get to know the new tenant bloggers by reading their introductions below, and make sure to follow TYS on Instagram: @tysturku



Hello! I am Asanka Wedeha Pathirana, and studying my first year at the University of Turku. My major is futures studies. I am from Sri Lanka and came to Finland in 2022. Before moving to Turku, I lived in Tampere and Helsinki.

I currently live in Pilvilinna, the atmosphere of which I love so much in the autumn. The surrounding scenery and beautiful nature have something really charming about them. As a blogger, I want to share my experiences of Turku from the perspective of an international student. Stay tuned!




Hi, I’m Emil. I’m studying social sciences at Åbo Akademi University for the third year now, and I have lived in Turku and Ispuri for a couple of years now. The apartment in question is my first own home, so I have plenty of stories and memories about it already. I have worked with social media before, so the decision to apply for the role of a tenant blogger was easy and felt good.

I will try to share my day-to-day life in a genuine way and shed some light on student life at a TYS apartment. I would also like to share knowledge and skills that are useful to other tenants as well. In this regard, I am open to all kinds of wishes, so feel free to send me a message! Have a great autumn everyone and see you soon!



Hi there, my name is Milla and I am a 25-year-old fifth-year class teacher student. I moved to Tavasti in early 2020 and have had a great time here! I enjoy spending time at home, so you will definitely see some content about how to make your home as comfortable as possible! I will be sharing my own experiences and tips about living at TYS. I have lived in the Turku region all my life, so I could also show you all kinds of things you can do and see in and around Turku.

I’m also looking forward to discussing and sharing experiences with TYS Instagram followers as well. See you on my first blog week in November!




Howdy! I am Oscar, a 22-year-old Finnish-Swedish from Porvoo, and I am a new tenant blogger at TYS. Yay! I’m currently studying for my Bachelor’s at Åbo Akademi University, where I study French language and literature. In a couple of years I will have my language teacher’s papers in hand (if I am lucky!).

I have already lived in two different apartments in the Student Village. In 2021, I moved into a 35.5 square meter studio apartment, but when my partner and I decided to move in together, we moved into a ground floor apartment (we have our own backyard!). This is where we have been living for approximately a year and a half now.  I have enjoyed living at TYS and will definitely stay here until my graduation!

I applied to be a tenant blogger because I like to share my thoughts. There is nothing out of the ordinary in my housing situation, but I also think it is important to highlight the realistic “day-to-day” student life (that is, the apartment is not always in tiptop shape). I also like blogging a lot… You could say I’m kind of a social media “addict”.