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Overall badge competition is here again! Design a overall badge for TYS for 2020!

Last year was the first time we organised a overall badge competition, and the winner was the much-adored design featuring the campus fox on a Student Village adventure. This is your chance to have your own brilliant idea realised! For 2020, we’re looking for a stellar overall badge design that reflects living at TYS and the related state of mind. The badge should have even edges and be preferably round or square. Send your badge design by February 16 to TYS reserves the right to make possivle changes to the selected design.

We will choose and produce one design from all the entries and distribute it at the TYS office. In addition to fame and glory, the winning designer will be awarded a Fatboy Lamzac 2.0 air lounger in the colour of their choosing! You can take your own Lamzac to, for example, a May Day picnic, as you can inflate it in mere seconds on the spot.

Psst! If you haven’t yet decorated your own overall or cape with the 2019 badge, now’s the time to come and grab one at our office!