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Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT’s strike affects the emptying of waste containers at TYS housing locations

The strike of Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT affects the emptying of the waste and recycling containers at TYS housing locations waste recycling points. According to the current information the strike will take place between 15th and 21st of February 2023 unless the negotiating parties find a solution earlier.

Due to the strike, it is possible that containers for plastic, glass, metal, carton and paper wastes are not emptied or there are delays in the emptying schedule. Also, the emptying of bio waste and burnable waste containers may be delayed, but the emptying of these two waste types is prioritized.

We ask for patience and co-operation from our tenants concerning the use of the waste recycling points – if possible, please to avoid taking  recyclable wastes to the recycling points during the strike, especially if the containers are already full. During the strike the waste that is left outside the containers is placed to mixed waste, which will cause extra costs and the material isn’t recycled. Naturally after the strike the recycling points can and can be used normally. We thank all our tenants for understanding and co-operation!