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Information about apartment offers in August and September + tips for applying for an apartment

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The apartment application process at TYS for new students started on 1st of May. Those waiting for the results of student admission can submit an application before their student place has been confirmed. Please remember to include your acceptance/student certificate to your application when you receive one. Apartments will not be offered to applicants missing a certificate.

Information about apartment offers in August and September

TYS apartments becoming free in August and September are all reserved for new students starting their studies in Turku. Due to this, we do not make any internal transfers in August or September and, in most cases, we do not rent apartments to students that have already started their studies in Turku. If you have already started your studies in Turku, you can still apply for apartments becoming free in July. After this, you can next receive an apartment from TYS in October, at the earliest.

TYS will start sending the apartment offers for apartments becoming free in August in early July, when the results from entrance examinations have been received. This way, we strive to make sure that those elected as students based on their school certificate and those receiving a study place based on their entrance examination have equal chances in the autumn’s apartment application process. We will start sending out the apartment offers for September in late July.

The apartment offers will be sent based on the date the application was submitted. Those moving to Turku from further away have the priority. Every year, TYS receives more apartment applications in August and September than it has apartments available, which means that unfortunately we cannot offer an apartment to all the applicants.

The apartment offer will remain valid for 4 days. In most cases, one apartment will be offered per application in August and September. You can approve the apartment offer after you have confirmed that you approve the terms of the rental agreement as well as the rules and regulations. An accepted housing offer is always binding.

How can I improve my chances of getting an apartment?

In addition to the date the application was submitted, the applicants’ situations and the number of available apartments both affect the chances of receiving an apartment. If you have only applied for an apartment of a certain type or size in a certain housing location, you may have to wait for a long time before an apartment meeting your requirements becomes available. If you need an apartment quickly, we recommend you to apply for a wide range of different types of apartments in different housing locations. Please only include applicable criteria in your application. For example, the maximum rent should correspond to the price level of a TYS apartment of the size of the apartment you have chosen. The apartment waiting times shown in the location search are not accurate in August and September, but they may give you an idea on what housing locations and apartment types are the most popular.

You can freely edit your apartment application after submitting it, and this does not affect the application’s original date of submission.

Calling, visiting the office or sending an email does not impact your chances of getting an apartment, as all apartments are leased based on the date of submission of and the information in your application. If you wish to change your information or the locations you applied for, please update your apartment application directly with these changes.

Please note that our housing locations are only intended for students and youth tenants, which means that we cannot offer an apartment to an employed person who does not meet either criterion of the tenant profile.