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About the time I went to the beach in Finland

Around 80% of the times I mention I’m from Mexico, people say “Oh I’ve been there! in Cancún!!”
So apparently, my country have some sort of reputation for the beautiful beaches, and since I can remember, my parents took me and my sister to the nearest beach for holidays.

Beautiful sand, a kind sea and more than 30 degrees was the little paradise I was used to. That’s why when my dear friend L planned a trip to the beach, I couldn’t be more excited.

What really happened

We meet up right next to the river, swimsuits under our clothes and light lunch in our bags. I was so happy that I was finally be able to go to the beach and enjoy the great weather.

We took the water bus to Ruissalo and had the wind playing with our hair for the 40 minutes it took us to go from the center to the beach.
As soon as we arrived, we took our shoes off and tried to find a nice place to sit and enjoy. The walk wasn’t as pleasant as I was expecting, since there were too many rocks and plants, but still, we made our way out to a nice spot and placed our towels. Then, we took our clothes off and walked to the sea.

It’s worth to mention that it was the only cloudy day we’ve had in weeks, with a lot of wind and no more than 18 degrees, but still, my hopes were high and I couldn’t wait another second to get into the water.

I regretted my decision for a second, as soon as the water touched my foot. It wasn’t as cold as when I went ice swimming, but it was definitely not the temperature I was expecting (now that I think about it, I don’t even know why I was expecting some warm water and a warmer day). Despite the weather and the cold, I kept walking, letting the water surround my body. Once we were all completely inside, we started laughing, proud of how far we made it.

We were inside for no more than 10 minutes, only to walk back to our spot and take our food out and wait for a miracle to dry out our swimsuits before we had to put our clothes on again.

With a big smile on my face, wet clothes and my jacket on, I spent all the way back to the center thinking: Who would’ve thought I’d take this Mexican body to swim in the cold waters of a brackish sea?.

And for that as well, I’m so grateful.

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