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VAFT – the best kind of eye candy

The captivating video art festival Video Art Festival Turku (VAFT) is a visual treat at its best. The festival program consists of artworks received through an open call and other program that draws from video art. The works can be admired free of charge in several places around Turku.

The international Video Art Festival Turku (VAFT) offers an exciting assortment of new and thrilling video art in Turku for the sixth time from 19.-22.5.2022. Video art will be displayed in Kino Diana, TYS’s Aitiopaikka screen, Turku City Library and Turku City Theatre’s LED wall. There is also program in Kakolanmäki, as VAFT and Kakola Brewing Company organize video tasting, where you can enjoy pizza, beer, and video art! In addition to the ensembles juried by artist and researcher Sasha Huber, the festival will feature ‘Mo(ve)ments’, a collaborative screening with KampusART, video works by students of Turun klassinen Upper Secondary School as well as a screening by the Latvian Art Centre NOASS.

The detailed festival program can be found on VAFT’s website and social media. You can also follow VAFT on Facebook (@videoartfestivalturku) and Instagram (@vaft_).

In Finland, VAFT is the sole festival focusing on video art. The festival is produced by Ääriö ry, an association based in Turku. In addition to the festival, the association organizes other events relating to video art, and this spring the association will be publishing a podcast series on video art called Videotykking.

During the festival, the works on display at Aitiopaikka´s screen (Inspehtorinkatu 3, 20540 Turku) will be shown daily from 8 am to 9.30 pm:

Ilana Paterman 
Como dançar funk (How to dance funk) (2021)
2 min

“How to dance funk”, a sentence chosen to search homemade videos on Youtube, is an artistic work in watercolor animation of feminine dance moves of funk from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When searching for this term, the artist discovered a universe of different bodies and social contexts that, in common, had the characteristic of being from women to women, removing the objectified character of the female body that this rhythm is often associated with. By sharing homemade tutorials, drawn women connect with each other through the ancestral funk drum and hip movements. Work composed of 150 watercolors on A4 Canson c’a Grain 180g paper, and soundtrack kindly provided by MC Serginho.

Äggie Pak Yee Lee
Hong Kong
美女與野獸 (Beauty and the Beasts) (2021)
3 min.

A lady met a lovely beast, a slimy one.

Maisha Maene
Kongon tasavalta
9 min.
French with English subtitles

Disgusted with the already deplorable behavior of the human being towards his natural environment), NURU, a young woman citizen of the planet with an overflowing imagination, decides to paint herself motor oil which she uses as a metaphor to pass the message to the next generation.