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Counselling available to help process emotions, fear and worry about the war in Ukraine

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has caused widespread shock among people in Finland. During the past week, we have all been thinking about the war, those stranded in the midst of it, and possible concerns for our own safety as well as that of others. It is natural that such events give rise to many kinds of thoughts and feelings such as anxiety and fear.

However, we do not need to be alone with these feelings, and we can support each other in these exceptional circumstances. Let us talk to our loved ones, say hi to the neighbours and ask how they are doing. Let us not leave anyone alone, and take care of each other.

There are also many parties that offer counselling to help process this new situation:

Turku Social Emergency Services offers discussion and crisis support, tel +358 2 262 6003 (open 24/7).

Turku crisis center offers discussion and crisis support, tel. 040 8223 961.

MIELI ry The Crisis Helpline offers help in Arabic and English via telephone on +358 9 2525 0113 and on WhatsApp on +358 40 195 8202.
Service hours:
Mondays and Tuesdays 11 am-3 pm,
Wednesdays  1 pm-4 pm and 5 pm-9 pm,
Thursdays 10 am-3 pm.
Fridays 9 am – 1 pm on +358 9 2525 0112.

Crisis helpline in Finnish, open 24/7, tel. +358 9 2525 0111
Service in Swedish at Kristelefon, tel. +358 9 2525 0112
Mon, Wed 4 pm-8 pm and Tue, Thu, Fri 9 am-1 pm
More information:

Nyyti ry’s mielenTEKoja-chat (Finnish and English) on Mondays 5pm–7pm:

Campus Chapel of the University Chaplains is open to all students of Turku universities at the address Rehtorinpellonkatu 4. University Chaplain’s on-call hours at the Campus Chapel:

  • Tue 8 Mar 9am­–12noon
  • Wed 9 Mar 9am–12noon
  • Thu 10 Mar 9am–12noon

Face-to-face and remote counselling is offered at Crisis Centres all over Finland: