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Application period for Tyyssija´s apartments starts on 1st October, 2021!

Beginning of the year 2022 will mark the completion of apartments at Tyyssija, the heart of Turku Student Village, at the street address Inspehtorinkatu 12, 20540 Turku!

Tyyssija will have a total of 186 apartments, most of which are studios:

Apartments for one person

  • 23.5-27 m2 kitchen-living room, rent EUR 380.70-450.90 per month, a total of 156 apartments
  • 29.5 m2 alcove + kitchen-living room, rent EUR 492.65 per month, a total of 3 apartments
  • 30.5 m2 one bedroom + kitchen-living room, rent EUR 509.35 per month, a total of 3 apartments

Apartments for one to two person(s)

  • One bedroom + kitchen-living room 35.5-47 m2, rent EUR 539.60-681.50 per month, a total of 24 apartments

NB! Apartments smaller than 34 m2 are for one person only. Some of the apartments have a limited view, which has been taken into consideration when defining the rent. The rent includes electricity, internet connection, and four sauna shifts per month. Water is invoiced according to consumption.

In addition to the apartments, the tenants have the use of storage and sauna facilities as well as shared facilities for the use of the tenants of Tyyssija and nearby housing locations.

The service selection in the Student Village area will also expand, as Arkea’s student restaurant and CampusSport gym will be launched as new services at the property, and the K-Kylänvalinta convenience store and TYS Housing Office will also move to the property.

You can find additional information and frequently asked questions on Tyyssija at

Housing applications

The application period for student housing at Tyyssija will start on 1st October, 2021 and end on 10th November, 2021. More detailed information about applying and application instructions will be published on 1st October, 2021.

Housing lottery and apartment offers

A lottery event for housing will be arranged online in mid-November. In addition, some reserve places will be drawn in case of cancellations. More detailed information about the draw will be published later.

One fifth of one-person apartments and one fifth of two-person apartments will go as internal transfers to applicants who are current TYS tenants, while the rest of apartments will go to new applicants not yet housed by TYS

The apartments in the property are drawn in two different categories: one-person one-to-two-person apartment. Applicants cannot choose what kind or size of apartment they are applying for in these categories.