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The TYS Housing Office will introduce an electronic appointment system as of 8th November 2021

As of 8th November 2021, appointments can be made to the TYS Housing Office via an electronic appointment system. With the help of the reservation system, we want to make it easier for customers to visit the office.

We recommend that customers make an appointment in advance via the appointment system, so that their matter, such as keys, can be prepared in advance at the office and customer service at the office will be quicker. You can still come to the housing office without an appointment, but customers who have made an appointment will have priority in the queue.

In the appointment system, the customer can choose a visit to the matter of their choice for the desired time. You can make an appointment here:

After booking, you will receive email confirmation about your appointment. Arrive at the office during the time you have booked, and our customer service will call you by name. If you cannot come to the office during your appointment, you must cancel the time via the confirmation that you received in your email.