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The amazing transformation

Turku is a city in constant transformation, and even though I should be used to it after a year of living here, August has been full of surprises.

Perhaps the most notable change is the amount of people at the city centre. New students arrive every day, filling the streets with joy and excitement…

Second year students became an obsolete model, and as such, I decided to become a tutor for the new people in my programme, which I soon realised it was a great responsibility: they’re gonna see some parts of Turku through my lenses. They’re gonna ask me about the university, people and places, and even though they will make their own opinion later on, they will take my words as some sort of first impression.

So far, the only problem I’ve encountered is:

How can I tell them that Turku is the prettiest city in the world, that Finns are the nicest people, and that our University is the best, without looking corny and unprofessional?

Yes, I might be a bit bias, but so far, I haven’t met a single person regretting living here…….

So if you’re a new student and you’re nervous about living in a different country and probably studying in a different language, the only risk you should be aware of, is that you might end up liking it a little bit too much!

Welcome to Turku!

Blogger: Laila