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Surely you have a fire alarm in your apartment? Now is a good time to check its condition

By 5.6.2023June 19th, 2023No Comments

You do have a functioning fire alarm at home, don’t you? When was the last time you checked it?

The most dangerous thing in a fire is the smoke that can fill the apartment as quickly as within 2–3 minutes. The fire alarm will detect smoke quickly and alert you of the danger, ensuring that people in the premises have time to save themselves or maybe even put out the incipient fire to avoid major damage.

You can check a fire alarm’s operation by pressing the test button on the device.

A fire alarm is indeed an affordable safety product that offers 24/7 protection. If your apartment doesn’t have a fire alarm, you should definitely get one. Also, remember to monitor the condition of any existing alarm(s) your apartment may already have. Only a functional fire alarm can save lives!

You can check a fire alarm’s operation by pressing the test button on the device. If the alarm works as it should, it will make a loud sound when you press the button. Normally, you should replace the battery yearly for all battery-operated alarms.

Some TYS housing locations have pre-installed fire alarms that run on mains current. You can find these locations listed below.

TYS is responsible for maintaining the fire alarms that run on mains current. These alarms are connected to the mains, but they also have batteries in case of power cuts. If the device gives sound alerts because of a low battery, please submit a fault report via the tenant pages. If the battery runs empty on a weekend or during holidays, call maintenance on call service number and let them know. NOTE! Tenants may never replace batteries in devices that run on mains current or modify the device in any other way – this can break the alarm!

Locations with fire alarms that run on mains current:

  • Aitiopaikka
  • Auranhelmi
  • Auringonnousu
  • Haliskylä
  • Ikituuri
  • Kuunsilta (apartments that have been renovated)
  • Tyyssija
  • Yo-talo C-stair