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Lähiboksi parcel lockers

You can find PostNord Lähiboksi parcel lockers at our housing locations

PostNord Lähiboksi parcel lockers at TYS housing locations

Several TYS housing locations have a PostNord Lähiboksi parcel machine. Lähiboksi works via a mobile application and Bluetooth. You can pick up your parcel from Lähiboksi around the clock.

The Lähiboksi parcel machines are located at the Auringonnousu, Haliskylä, Pilvilinna, Student Village East, Student Village West and Yo-talot housing locations, outside the buildings, and are available to all residents in the area.

For more information on Lähiboksi parcel lockers and how to use them, please visit the PostNord website.

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Auringonnousu Ahvenanmaankatu 1, next to the M-staircase
Haliskylä Kuohukuja 1, on the wall of the bicycle shed in front of A stair
Pilvilinna Emmauksenkatu 7, on the wall of the bicycle shed between the F and D stairs
Student Village East Yo-kylä 25B in front of the entrance
Student Village West Yo-kylä 11C, on the other side of the stairwell entrance
Yo-talot Rehtoripellonkatu 4C, in front of Kampuskappeli

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