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How to survive to…. an internal transfer.

By 22.2.2019No Comments

The first time a saw a fox in my life, was during my first week in Finland. It was right around the corner of my apartment. I looked straight in the eyes of that small animal, which -strangely- was staring at me, and knew, for sure, that I was living in the best place TYS could’ve offered me: 20 minutes away from downtown.

Not an actual photo of the fox I saw, but this is how a fox looks like, in case you haven’t seen one lately

Don’t take me wrong, living at the YO-village it’s something many people enjoy (if you want to read a great review of it, please read the post of my blog-mate, Oona Seppänen here) but coming from a city with the same amount of people than countries like our beloved Finland, made me want to go a bit away from the crowd and the cars… So I ended up in a place with many trees, very few cars, foxes and birds. To me, was a dream come true.

What Happened?

Being an adult is harder than I thought, it has more to do with acting as a grown up, rather than to be one. That’s why, when I finished reading the letter in which I found out I had to move to another apartment due to some renovations that were going to take place in my building, I just stared at nothing for I don’t know how long.

Many questions came into my head:

Why didn’t they let me know before I moved in, a month ago?

How am I supposed to move, all by myself?

What if there are no apartments available in the following months and I become homeless?

I even asked myself Where do foxes live? and Why did I receive a letter instead of an email?

But most of all, I kept thinking about how abrupt the idea of having a home for two years, was crashing down in front of my eyes.

As you can see, my brain was having a really hard time.

What was the process?

Since it was a transfer that had to do very little with me, the internal transfer fee was waived but they advised me to apply for a new apartment ASAP.

It was a very simple process that I made harder, since I changed my mind several times regarding the characteristics of the new apartment, but after going several times to the TYS office where an extremely nice and patient woman listened to all my concerns and helped me change my application over and over again, I was offered an apartment that is just a block away from the previous one.

That’s how I moved to an unfurnished room, with all my things packed in suitcases and bags, although I had all the help I needed to go from one place to another, walking, carrying all the things, over and over again.

At the end of the day, the process was simple, being the hardest part to say goodbye to my roommates and amazing neighbor that became my friend during our last couple of months…

While I’m writing this, I see the sun shining right outside the window of my new room, and the birds standing on a building a few meters away from here.

Whenever the foxes come back, I’ll be home.