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Good day sunshine!

One of the things I’ve learned living in Turku, is that Finland is either all in, or all out. It’s like if this country has no room for mediocrity.

Let me explain myself:
During winter, we had the darkest months. I recall seeing the sun only a few times in about 4 or 5 months. My Mexican body didn’t understand what it was going on, and honestly, it was driving me insane.
Now, for the past few weeks, we’ve had sun. Like, a lot.

I won’t talk about the midnight sun -yet- since I believe that experience deserves a detailed explanation, but it’s worth to mention how this time, the sun is the one creating both, confusion and surprise amongst the international community in this piece of heaven that is Turku.

Seasons are changing…

April and May have been “transition”months, going from the nordic winter to the nordic spring. It’s a beautiful experience, indeed, since the days are longer and warmer. I’ve found myself working on my assignments at 23:30, feeling like if it was 4 or 5 pm. The city is coming back to life, people are walking the street that were empty only a few weeks ago, or sunbathing next to river…

The sun rises again before 5am, going down around midnight, without having a complete darkness, meaning that if you look outside the window, you can perfectly distinguish everything -even without eyeglasses-.
Like in winter, I only have a word to describe it: insane.

Once again, my body is very confused and I still haven’t found the right time or way to go to sleep, and I’m afraid I won’t master that art anytime soon -cloudy days are some now some sort of truce-.
Although I lose track of time and wake up at 6am thinking I missed my alarm, now I can say my prayers were heard whenever I said “I wish the day had more hours”.
And for that I’m so grateful.

Blogger: Laila