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A charging station for electric cars has been opened for tenants in the Student Village area

By 15.12.2023February 5th, 2024No Comments

Good news for our tenants with electric cars! We have opened an electric car charging station in the Student Village, that is available for all tenants in the area. The charging station can be found in the parking area of Tyyssija, at the end of the Student Village 12 A building.

The charging station has two charging places available for use by tenants of Aitiopaikka, Ikituuri, Kuikkulankatu, Nummenranta, Tyyssija, Student Village East and Student Village West.

The user of the charging station must have a valid eParking parking right for one of the aforementioned housing locations. You can read more about getting a parking right on


Prior to use, read the instructions and terms of use for the charging station

The charging station has two charging places, both of which have a normal heating pole and a type 2 charging plug. The charging station places are used via the eParking app. Using the charging stations is subject to a fee. As of 18 Sep 2023, the fee is EUR 0.25 per kWh.

Cars may be parked at the charging station during the charging only. The usage time is limited to 4 hours per purchase, and a parking disc must be placed on a clearly visible location in the car for the duration of parking. For parking in violation of the terms of use, a parking ticket will be issued by parking control.

You can find more detailed instructions and terms of use for the charging station on: