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When I was planning my trip to Turku, I started researching basic aspects about Finnish society, such as the language, people, customs, etc. I read so many things, mentioned already in this blog, that I was impatiently waiting for the day to travel.  In one of those days in which I was wondering how the language sounded, I found one of the best discoveries I’ve made on Netflix so far: Sorjonen.

In case you haven’t watched it, it’s a Finnish show that is very liked among…. the entire world, (according to what I have read on internet). It’s a crime drama in which -I’m pretty sure- the creators used their imagination to think about horrible crimes in the border between Russia and Finland – I haven’t heard such thing in real life, but please correct me if I’m wrong-.

I watched half of the first season sitting on the sofa with my mom, eating chocolate croissants and drinking coffee…. Although it was heavenly, I couldn’t finish the first season in Mexico, so I did it once I was in my -first- apartment.

The first season was so good that I wanted to start the second one right away, however, there was a problem…. the second season was not on Netflix.

Wait, what?!

I was astonished. It simply didn’t make sense. I was in Finland, trying to watch a Finnish show, and it was not available. I was pretty sure there was another season, so I knew that it was not the problem.
I was so confuse that I did the first thing that I do whenever I face any difficulties:

Yup, I’m 24y/o and I still call my mom when I can’t find something, but the point is that instead of helping me figure out why or what, she just told me how amazing the second season was (mom, if you’re reading this, thanks for the support).

So that was it, I was convinced that I was not gonna watch Sorjonen before going back to Mexico in 2020, but -lucky me- I am not in Finland for a few days -which is another story that I will write about soon enough- and I finally have access to the glorious second season.

But Why?

For what I have found on internet, trying to find an answer, is that the show is transmitted in local Finnish tv, while Netflix got the rights to transmit it outside Finland.

Does it make sense now? Yup.
Is it any useful for international students? not at all. (Most of us don’t have tv and if we do, we can’t understand Finnish).

Although I’m not lying in the sofa with my mom, eating a croissant, I will always have a cup of coffee and my laptop ready to have the taste of Finland that -ironically- I can’t have in Finland.

Blogger: Laila