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Roommates are good

By 7.1.2019No Comments

One of the most common fears about studying abroad I’ve heard from international students, is the one of sharing an apartment with people you don’t get along with.

I know about people paying high rents just because they were afraid of having a bad experience with a shared apartment. In my own experience, I didn’t really have a choice, so I took a leap of faith, applied for a shared apartment and  found out I was really lucky.


I’m writing this because my roommates are not back from holidays yet, so I get the chance to write a few corny lines about them…

My experience….

I live in a shared apartment with two more girls. The first I met is a sweet, shy Finn. She’s always willing to help and every time I greet her she replies back with a big smile, and even though I don’t get to see her very often, I know she’s there and the dynamic we have is quite simple, so it is really easy to live with her! plus, the time I was extremely sick during my first week in Finland, she gave me some miraculous tea when she found out. How sweet was that!!!

The other one is half Finn and half Chilean. She speaks a perfect Spanish and has been helping me out to overcome certain cultural differences. She’s polite and sweet and funny, and every time she bakes banana cake she shares it with me!! She even gave me a bag with candy before going back home for the winter break, and of course I almost cried.

Present from my roommate <3

As I already said, I’ve ben extremely lucky, no dramas, a clean apartment and a roommate that was willing to teach me about recycling…..

We all gotta move out soon -that’s a whole different story- but I like to believe the three of us are a bit sad of losing the good, roommate-ship we have. I am definitely going to miss them, but I also wish everyone could have good companions, like I just had for this past 6 months.

Thank you, roommates!