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Prepare in advance for possible power outages

There may be power cuts in Finland caused by electricity shortages, which can also affect TYS housing locations. Planned power cuts are estimated to last around two hours, but no certain information is currently available. You can reduce the risk of power cuts by cutting your electricity consumption between 8 and 10 a.m., 4 and 5 p.m. and 7 and 8 p.m.

TYS tries to notify its tenants about upcoming power cuts in advance, but a power cut may start at such short notice that notifying in advance is impossible. Therefore, tenants should be prepared for any possible power cuts in advance. Below you will find information on how to prepare for power cuts, what to do during a power cut and how a power cut affects your apartment.

How to prepare for a power cut

  • Check your phone number and email on your Tenant Pages and correct if necessary.
    TYS may inform its tenants by SMS or email about upcoming power cuts. Your phone number should be in the following format: +35840xxxxxxx.
  • Make sure you have drinking water. Faucets must not be used during a power cut.
  • Make sure you have a flashlight and batteries.
  • Avoid using the elevator if possible. Elevator doors may be stuck closed during a power cut.

What to do during a power cut

  • A short power cut of two hours or so does not affect heating significantly. Nonetheless, you should keep the apartment doors and windows shut and the window air vents in the winter setting.
  • Your apartment and housing location lights will not work.
    Be careful when moving around in your apartment, in other
    facilities or outside when it’s dark.
  • Avoid opening the refrigerator or freezer to prevent their contents from warming up or thawing.
  • Do not use the faucets or shower or flush the toilet.
  • Turn off all electrical devices to prevent the risk of fire once power comes back. You should leave one light turned on in your
    apartment so you can see when power comes back.
  • Unplug any extra devices, such as your laptop and phone charger. NOTE! Do not unplug the refrigerator!
  • Internet will not work. Phone calls and text messaging may also not function normally.
  • Elevators will not operate. Elevator doors may be stuck closed during a power cut.
  • Laundry rooms will not be operational. If you are washing laundry when power cut starts, it may be stuck in the machine for the
    duration of the power cut.
  • The TYS Housing Office will be open normally. NOTE! If the power cut affects the Student Village, the office will not have power and will not have its systems working normally.
  • Stay calm, and make sure your neighbour is also doing ok.

After a power cut

  • Plug in the devices you need.
  • After a power cut the water coming out of your faucet and shower may be burning hot and remain briefly discolored. Let the water run carefully at first. After letting it run the color should go back to normal. If the water remains discolored after letting it run or you experience other issues, please fill in a fault report on your Tenant Pages.

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