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Finnish air quality

During the past few weeks, people in Mexico city have been struggling due to the bad air quality. While reading the news, I remembered how I felt the first time I took a deep breath as soon as my plane landed in Turku. The air felt so thin and clean, and it was easily going into my lungs….
I thought my brain was turning my memory into an exaggeration. How different could be the air quality from my city compared to the one in Turku?? I asked to myself.
So I took my laptop and typed “Air quality in Finland”.
The result:

“Finland has the best world’s air quality”

I wasn’t even surprised.

Not only they have the best education, a safe country and Moomin. These people even know how to make the best air in the entire world.

While researching a little bit more about an unknown topic for me, I realized how people around the globe risk their health, only by living in one of the most polluted cities, forced to wear face masks in some cases.
I found out also, that people in England and Canada, sale jars with “fresh air” from their countries to people in China, for an absurd amount of money.

So if you’re living in Finland, or planning on to live here, you can take a deep breath before saying “I live in the country with the best air quality in the world”.

Blogger: Laila