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If you are living in Finland, you must know by now that Fazer is a pretty big company, with a very extensive catalog of products. Whenever I tried something amazingly good, the product turned out to be Fazer. At some point I believed the Finnish economy depended on this company….

That’s why, when I started looking at Porvoo as a nice option to have a day trip with my boyfriend before the end of summer, I was surprised to read that there’s where the “famous” brand Brunberg hast it chocolate factory. I then recalled having seen a brown Brunberg chocolate right next to Fazer in almost every store, but no one ever mentioned that brand.
At the end, we decided to go to Porvoo because of the charming look of the second oldest city in Finland, and not because of the chocolate factory.


To go to Porvoo has been one of the best things I’ve done in Finland so far. The town is full of colour and picturesque houses. According to the web page Visit Porvoo ( in 1380 became a town, and the red-ochre painted riverside warehouses are one of the most photographed landscapes in Finland…

When we got tired of walking the beautiful cobbled streets and only after taking more than a hundred pictures, we decided to enter the Brunberg store in old Porvoo. After a year of being in Finland, the amount of people in such small space almost made me faint. I wasn’t ready at all for what I experienced there. It was so crowded that I wasn’t even walking anymore, and I was being dragged by the people, from one place to another. I wasn’t ready either for all the chocolate samples. There was almost one free sample of each type, and after trying the truffles I realised something important: it was the best chocolate I’ve had.

Needless to say I bought 1kg of chocolate, and of course we walked all the way to the factory because we couldn’t figure out the bus schedule, or if there was a bus at all. I bought a few more bags of the delicious product and sent some to Mexico, which apparently raised my level of popularity.

On my way back to Turku, looking at the simple, paper bags filled with chocolate, I came up with a conclusion: Brunberg is the perfect example of Finnish culture. No one is bragging about it, it looks simple on the outside, but undoubtedly, contains the best I’ve ever had.

Blogger: Laila