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Top five cafés in Turku

Choosing a nice café can be hard. Location, the quality of the coffee itself, and the atmosphere of the place are all things to take into account. Here is a cheat list to decide where to go, next time you have to choose.


What makes a good coffee place? I’ll just run you through some of the criteria I’ll use to choose my favourite places in Turku.

First, location. Being easily accessible is a plus, and if the surroundings are beautiful, then that’s another plus.

Second, quality of the coffee. Though it is quite subjective, I’ll use my own appreciation.

Third, atmosphere.

And fourth, the general experience. That will include everything that doesn’t fit in the categories above. For instance, the choice of cakes and pastries, as well as how instagrammable the place is.

But time to get to the interesting stuff!

5. Kembuz Café

Located close to the Universities, on Hämeenkatu, Kembuz Café is a relatively new addition to the Turku’s ”coffee ecosystem”. Although quite small, it has quite a nice atmosphere, and excellent coffee.

Kembuz Café is usually open from 10 to 18, and it is a great spot to enjoy delicious coffee and food. The café also has the benefit of offering only 100% natural products.

4. Scote Brew Café

Ranking in fourth place is Scote Brew Café, another relatively new place. Featuring a great choice of coffee and teas, Scote Brew Café might also attract those in search of novelty. A number of innovative coffee brewing techniques are used, mixing delicious coffee and science.

Scote brew Café is located in the city center, not too far from the Lidl on Eerikinkatu.

3. Kirjakahvila

Literally ”book café”, Bokcafe in Swedish, Kirjakahvila is a co-op, run by volunteers. 100% vegan, it is a great place to enjoy a warm coffee and maybe a piece of tasty vegan brownies. While kirjakahvila is mainly a café, it hosts numerous events through the year, from flea markets to movie screening.

Kirjakahvila also has a good choice of broad games and, surprisingly given its name, books. It is also located in one of the most historically-significant place in Turku, directly on top of where medieval Turku used to be. Even to this day, the surrounding are picturesque, and it is possible to enjoy a coffee outside when the weather allows it.

2. Café Art

I personally consider Café Art a Turku classic. With its very scenic location, beautiful setting, and relax atmosphere, it’s hard to find a better place for instagram posts. In addition to the excellent choice of tea and coffee, Café Art also regularly feature art exhibitions. As a result, the atmosphere can vary from one visit to another.

It is also an excellent place to study, but also to meet with friends or sip a latte while hoping that spring comes soon. In case that happens, the terrasse is a great spot to enjoy the sun, with a unique view on the river.

1. Fabbes Café

My personal favorite, Fabbes is an essential element of life in Turku. Its location in the heart of the Åbo Akademi area makes it hard to avoid for those studying there, and it early opening (8.00) makes it an excellent place to start the day.

Whether it is for studying, working on a group assignment, enjoying some good coffee, or even eating lunch, Fabbes is always an excellent option. Though it can get a bit cold in the winter, Fabbes also has a well-situated terrasse where it is possible to make the best out of the few sunny days in Turku. And it also has some of the best cinnamon buns in Turku!



This is clearly a biased and non-comprehensive list, so feel free to criticize it! You are also encouraged to share new places you think should be included, or reasons why you think an entry could climb up or down the list (I would be happy to try a new coffee place!).  The ranking I made is kind of arbitrary, but that’s all the fun, isn’t it?

Thank you for reading!

Living in Finland for more than three years, Michel is a Canadian student who is now completing his master’s degree in ÅAU. His interests are quite diversified and include ice hockey, history, fishing, as well as many other things. He is also a member of the student ambassador network of South-West Finland.