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Moving to Student Village West?

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This spring will mark my 2-year “anniversary” being a tenant in Student Village West. Undoubtedly, this place would always remain special to me, since it has been my “second home” for the major part of my emerging adulthood.

Excellent location

One of the best things about Student Village West side is the ideal location. It is within walking distance of both UTU’s and Åbo Akademi campuses so you can easily walk or bike to schools. It wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes walking, even in windy snowy winter weather days. Also, there are daily multiple buses (50,51,53,54,220) running every 15 or 20 minutes to the city centre and back with various stops along the route, so it is really convenient to go everywhere.

For those of us who love traveling Turku Bus Station is just 17 minutes walking away, or 4 minutes if you take the 220-bus. The 220-bus also takes you straight to Turku Train Station, making traveling so much easier.

As tenants of the Village, you are also given a free parking spot. This is the parking space in Student Village West in an early winter day. 

One day I walked home and saw these cool Post-It Note Art in several buildings. 

Student Village West is also where TYS Housing Office, an everyday-open K-market and Spa Hotel Caribia locates. It is also in close walking distance to different nurseries, schools, and about 7 minutes to the Finnish Student Health Services. You can find nearby recreational activities locations such as swimming hall, training park, running tracks etc there as well.

Diverse and active living environment

Being “the other half” of the largest student housing complex in Turku, Student Village the West Side is a very popular choice among students, especially exchange students. It is very easy to recognize when the new batch of exchange students have arrived, since they always bring the excitement and fresh joy to the village.

Sometimes they brighten up the buildings with their creativity and decorations, making the village lively in a multicultural way. Besides, for students who can’t go home during holidays, it is certainly better to spend holidays in the Village, since you will never feel like you are the only one. The tenant committee also organizes plenty of fun activities throughout the year for tenants of the Village, and most of them are free, so it is a very good opportunity for you to hangout and meet new people

As a tenant in the Village, you are also able to use the clubroom Kerhis to organize parties or get-together activities. The ”legendary” club room is where most events organized by the tenants’ committee happen, but you can also book it for your personal use in advance. Not only the room is a spacious room with comfy sofas, chairs, tables and but also equipped with many board games, a computer, speakers and video projector to watch movies. The kitchen is also provided different utensils, a coffee maker and a microwave. In short, it has almost everything you need in order to have a good time.

Versatile apartment selection

The Student Village West offer different housing options for its tenants so it is very easy to find a place that suitable for your needs. One of the most common and affordable options for one student is a single-room apartment of 18m2 with private shower, toilet and a shared-kitchen with 11 other tenants. Rooms also comes with roomy wardrobes, a mini fridge and big windows.

The common-kitchen is really spacious, equipped with large cooking stoves and ovens, dining tables, chairs, etc and plenty of space for individual’s kitchen utensils. A big plus is that TYS provides general cleaning for the common areas in Student Village West such as common kitchens, saunas, etc so the kitchen is usually in clean condition (given that the tenants also clean up after themselves after cooking and eating, of course). 

The common kitchen in my floor 

A corner of my lovely room

Spring is the best time to move to a new place, since freshly graduates move out and new students haven’t arrived. If you are thinking of moving to a new place, hopefully this post has convinced you to consider Student Village West.

Hello blog readers! Thank you for stopping by. I am a Vietnamese student at UTU majoring in Education, loving and living life here in Turku , Finland. I’m gonna write about the exciting life of an international student who’s trying to complete her degrees while learning to appreciate the Finnish weathers <3.