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Will you be working in Turku in the summer? You can rent an apartment from TYS!

TYS rents apartments to others than full-time students in the summertime!

Apartment from TYS for the summer

Do you have a summer job in Turku? Or perhaps you’re dreaming of spending the summer in the oldest and most beautiful city in Finland for some other reason? You can now rent an inexpensive apartment from TYS for the summer!

TYS also rents out apartments to others than full-time students between May and August. We are an inexpensive and easy housing solution for summer tenants, since our rents are 15% to 20% lower than on the free market, and we do not collect a deposit. The rent also includes  electricity, internet, 4 saunas shifts per month and in most housing locations also water (water is billed according to consumption in Aitiopaikka, Kuunsilta and Tyyssija).  The reason for renting an apartment can be a summer job or another reason for wanting to stay in Turku.

Various types of apartments are empty during the summer. For example, you can get a room in a shared apartment for as low as 235,98 euros a month. Some apartments can also be rented furnished, in which case a furniture fee will be added to the monthly rent. Below, you can see some examples of the available apartments:

Student Village West – a 2-kilometre walk from Turku city centre

  • Room of 18m2 + shared kitchen, 18m2, 294,01 – 305,47€/month. The room also has its own fridge – furnished rooms also available, ask about the price!

Student Village East – a 2.5-kilometre walk from Turku city centre

  • Room of 23m2 in a shared apartment of 3 tenants, 266,76 – 301,88€/month
  • 2 rooms + kitchen, 45.5–50.0m2, 594,41– 639,75€/month

Pilvilinna – a 4-kilometre walk from Turku city centre, 20 minutes by bus

  • Room of 23m2 in a shared apartment of 3 tenants, 235,98 – 236,32€/month ­– furnished rooms also available, ask about the price!

How can I apply?

  • Find out more about our apartments through the apartment search.
  • Fill in the application at the earliest 3 months before the apartment is needed. Those waiting for the results of student selection can fill in the application before their student place is confirmed.
  • Please note that in August and September, all apartments that become available will be allocated to students beginning their studies in Turku.
  • If necessary, update your application through the Tenant Pages. You will receive your login information by email after filling in the application.
  • Apartment offers are usually sent about four to six weeks before the contract is about to start.
  • Remember to renew your application every six months through the Tenant Pages, otherwise the application will be deleted automatically.
Check out the 3D floor plans of the apartments!

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