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Exchange experience in Turku

In Turku you can find top class selection of education, and culture,
as well as the beautiful archipelago

BloggExperienceMidnight Sun, My Love.

Midnight Sun, My Love.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard about the northern lights, but have you heard about…
ExperienceBike trips in and out of Turku: Ruissalo and Naantali

Bike trips in and out of Turku: Ruissalo and Naantali

With summer approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to make the best out…
ExperienceBuying a (used) bike in Turku

Buying a (used) bike in Turku

As the weather’s getting better and better every day, the best way to get around…
ExperienceFacebook groups in Turku

Facebook groups in Turku

Facebook groups can hugely simplify one’s life. Here is a short review of the flea…
ExperienceFinnish Valentine’s Day

Finnish Valentine’s Day

With the 14th of February approaching, here is a short blog post about the significance…
ExperienceHappy Independence Day Finland!

Happy Independence Day Finland!

So the most joyous month of the year has come. December is very special in…
ExperienceHave you tried the Sauna yet?

Have you tried the Sauna yet?

As far as I’ve seen, Fins have two favorite questions to ask to internationals: “what…
ExperienceLiving in a shared apartment

Living in a shared apartment

When I first arrived in Finland, I stayed in a three-shared apartment in Hallinen area.…
ExperienceLonkero – The Finnish Olympic drink

Lonkero – The Finnish Olympic drink

You might have seen this ad with Kimi Räikkönen, promoting Long drink, a very Finnish…
ExperienceMoving to Student Village West?

Moving to Student Village West?

This spring will mark my 2-year “anniversary” being a tenant in Student Village West. Undoubtedly,…
ExperienceSnow in Turku

Snow in Turku

As the trees slowly shed their leaves, snow is already starting to cover Turku. Even…
ExperienceNorthern Lights in Turku

Northern Lights in Turku

Northern lights, Aurora borealis for the initiated, are not a very common sight in Turku but can…
ExperienceStudying abroad means planning doing laundry in advance

Studying abroad means planning doing laundry in advance

Living and studying in another country means different things to different people. Romantically, it is…
ExperiencePosankka – Pigduck

Posankka – Pigduck

For any newcomer in Turku, the sight of the pigduck sitting in front of the…
ExperienceIce Swimming

Ice Swimming

With Finland celebrating its 100 years anniversary, few things are more fitting than ice swimming…
ExperienceExplore the nature in Turku

Explore the nature in Turku

Summer is the best time to explore and enjoy the breathtaking nature of Turku. There…
ExperienceThrift shopping in Turku

Thrift shopping in Turku

One of the things I love to do whenever I travel is visiting the local…
ExperienceTop five cafés in Turku

Top five cafés in Turku

Choosing a nice café can be hard. Location, the quality of the coffee itself, and…
ExperienceTransportation in Turku: a beginner’s guide

Transportation in Turku: a beginner’s guide

For those recently arrived in Turku, transportation can quickly become a challenge. This is especially…
ExperienceTurku: A Student City

Turku: A Student City

I arrived in Turku almost five years ago, in august 2013. Since then, I have…
ExperienceTurku Castle

Turku Castle

It’s been almost a year that I started this blog, but I still haven’t written…
ExperienceTurku Cathedral

Turku Cathedral

Few buildings are more emblematic of Turku than the towering cathedral at its center. Turun…
ExperienceVappu: the Origin Story

Vappu: the Origin Story

This week, we’ll look at the origins and history of Vappu. Don’t know what Vappu…
ExperienceWaste sorting: Old disposal habits die hard

Waste sorting: Old disposal habits die hard

As much as I love living in Student Village West and sharing the big common…
ExperienceThe Declaration of Christmas Peace

The Declaration of Christmas Peace

Even though one would think that Christmas in Finland is mainly linked to Lapland, Turku…

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