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Exchange students

Welcome to TYS´s exchange student webpages!

Welcome to TYS´s exchange student housing pages!

TYS has around 410 apartments allocated to exhange students coming to study for one or two semesters to universities in Turku. From these pages you will find information on how to apply for exchange student accommodation, exchange student housing options, housing offers, arrival and moving out. Please read all the information from these pages before filling in an application.

Important information:

Application time for exchange students starts three months before arrival. For spring term 2024 the application time starts on 1st of October 2023. Applications subbmitted before this date will not be regarded.

Applications received for spring semester 2024: 185 

We will start to send out the offers for spring term 2024 no earlier than 6th of November 2023. The process will take several weeks so everyone will not get the offer at the same time. Please wait patiently for your offer. The offers will be sent during TYS Office hours (Mo-Fri 8am-4pm). We don´t sent the offers during weekends.

Please also note that we will only send one offer per application and the offer is valid for four days. Accepted housing offer is binding.

Welcome to study in Turku!

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