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Accommodation for exchange students in Turku

Welcome to study in Turku

The Student Village Foundation of Turku (TYS) builds, renovates, maintains and rents apartments for students in the Turku area. In total TYS has around 7 000 apartment places in 18 different housing locations. For exchange students TYS has total 360 rooms in two housing locations: Iltakajo (Varissuo area) and the Student Village (campus area).

When and how to apply

Application time for exchange students starts three months before arrival. We recommend applying as soon as the application opens. The housing agreements are made only for full semester and rent must be paid for full semester even if you are arriving later

It is possible to apply housing for one or two semesters. It is also possible to apply housing for summer months. The starting and ending dates of contract are mentioned in the housing offer.

Every exchange student needs to fill in one individual housing application.  If you wish to change some information on your application, you can do that by logging in to the Tenant Pages with the username and password delivered to you after submitting the application. Do not fill in another application form in any case! If you do not manage to edit your application by yourself please contact TYS for help.

If you wish to stay with a friend, both should fill in an individual housing application and write friends name and additional wishes to the application form’s comment field. If you arrive with a spouse or with children or if you have special remarks concerning housing (medical reasons etc), please contact TYS beforehand.

Please attach the admission letter/certificate of your studies in Turku. The certificate needs to be written by the arrival university in Turku. If you haven’t received your admission letter when the application time begins, you can always fill the application without and attach it when you receive the letter.

Exceptions in applying for autumn semester due to exceptional situation caused by coronavirus

Due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus, exchange students applying for housing for autumn semester 2020 don´t have to have confirmed places in universities in Turku. The application time starts normally the 1st May. When applying students don´t have to attach the admission letter/certificate to their application. Housing offers will be made without certificates and applicants can accept housing offers before having confirmation about their exchange studies in Turku. If the students doesn´t receive a spot in a university in Turku, they can cancel their rental contract with TYS.


Due to the uncertain situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, you can cancel your contract without any payments before 15th of July 2020.

Cancellations which are done after 15th of July, TYS charges 60€ cancellation fee and possibly first month rent if new tenant cannot be found straight away to replace you. These cancellations are handled case by case.
Cancellation needs to be done via email to

If you decide to postpone your exchange studies from the Autumn 2020 semester to the Spring 2021 semester, you need to cancel your current application via tenant page and fill in new one when application time for spring term starts, on 1st of October.

Remember these!

  • Apply three months before arrival
  • Application time for autumn semester (August-December) starts on 1st May
  • Application time for spring semester (January-May) starts on 1st of October
  • Apartments are always rented for full semesters only
  • It is possible to apply housing for one of two semester
  • If you wish to stay with your friend, remember to write it down to the additional information field on the application
  • Remember to attach your admission letter/study certificate from the university in Turku to your application (students applying for autumn semester 2020 don´t have to attach a letter/certificate)
  • Rent must be paid for the whole semester regardless of the actual move-in or move-out date
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