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Construction projects

New locations and modernisations

The procurement notice for the new location, Tyyssija, was published in December 2018, and the submission period for tenders ended in February 2019. Three construction companies submitted their tender by the deadline. The tendering process was implemented through negotiated procedures.

During the negotiation rounds, the plans were developed, and solutions that would facilitate construction and be more economical were sought. After three negotiation rounds, Peab Oy was selected as the contractor because its tender was the most advantageous economically. A preliminary agreement has been signed with Peab.

The main designer for the project is SIGGE Arkkitehdit Oy, which won the architecture competition, the structural designer is A-Insinöörit Suunnittelu Oy, the HPACA designer is LVI-Soisalo Oy, and the electricity designer is Karawatski Oy. The project’s coordinator in moisture-related matters is Sitowise Oy.

Leases of the business premises on the ground floor of Tyyssija have been agreed on with service providers in commercial, restaurant and sports sectors.

The planning of new location Kylänkulma started in spring 2019. The main designer is Anttinen Oiva Arkkitehdit Oy, which won the architecture competition. According to the preliminary schedule, the land use planning for Kylänkulma will be completed during 2020.

In 2019, the Foundation’s gross investments amounted to €6.2M, most of which (€3.4M) were related to the new construction of Aitiopaikka, modernisation of Kuunsilta (€1.4M) and planning of Tyyssija (€0.7M).

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Maintenance and renovations

As in previous years, the company in charge of property maintenance was ISS Palvelut Oy. Five site caretakers and two outdoor caretakers are regularly working at the Foundation’s locations. The option period of the current agreement will end 30 September 2020. An update project of TYS’ maintenance report template in the Tampuuri system started in spring 2019. In the project, the maintenance reports will be updated to meet the Talo-2000 standard.

An agreement on preparing maintenance programmes and machinery cards in accordance with the Talo-2000 standard was signed with Vahanen Monitoring Services Oy in March 2019. The project will continue in spring 2020.

The replacement of the old lock systems with new iLoq systems continued in 2019. Locks were renewed in the Student Village and Kotivalo. The replacing of the old lock systems will continue in 2020. The framework agreements on the plumbing and electrical maintenance services were put out to tender in 2018–2019, and the framework agreements were signed in spring 2019. In the framework agreement, the primary partner for plumbing work is Arkea Oy, and the primary partner for electrical work is Paraisten Valo Oy. The agreements will be valid until further notice.

As in the previous years, significant investments were made in improving housing quality and renovating the apartments. The renovation plans for sections A–E and the facade of Kuunsilta started at the end of 2018. The project was put out to tender in spring 2019, and the project started in July 2019. The work was finished in January 2020. During the renovations, 26 apartments were turned into 42 apartments.

The planning of the facade renovations of the daycare buildings of Student Village 20 B and 25 B started in December 2018. The contract was planned to be implemented in summer 2019 during the daycare centres’ holidays, but, as the planning was delayed, it was decided the implementation would be postponed to the summer of 2020.

In spring 2019, the Foundation purchased the old commercial building next to Q-talo at Nummenpuistokatu for potential plot needs of new buildings. The workshop spaces of the Foundation’s own maintenance staff were moved from the old maintenance centre at Kuraattorinpolku to the Q workshop at Nummenpuistokatu.

The maintenance costs of properties (including apartments and other facilities) amounted to a total of €16.6M, equalling €7.5/m²/month (in 2018: €17.4M, €8.0/m²/month). The realised property maintenance costs were €2M lower than budgeted. The budget was underspent most significantly in renovation costs (€703,000), heating (€354,000), water (€158,000), electricity (€185,000), and administration (€208,000). The budget for waste management was exceeded by 55,000 euros. Going below the budget was also enabled by the sales of the Aamurusko location, the costs of which had been budgeted for the entire year.

The most significant individual items were the renovation of Kuunsilta A–E (a total of €2.1M with €0.7M entered as an expense), the replacement of exterior doors and locks in the Student Village (€0.55M) and plumbing condition surveys (€0.2M). In addition to the renovation costs entered into the profit and loss statement, the renovations to be capitalised in the Kuunsilta project amounted to €1.4M. The Kuunsilta project has been funded with the rental income collected as a precautionary measure. Renovations to apartments (other than the Kuunsilta project) were made with €1.7M.