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Tenant Pages

TYS’s Tenant Pages are the tenant’s online service channel and databank. After leaving your apartment application, you will receive the credentials to the service.

Registering into the Tenant Pages

My information

You can sign into the Tenant Pages through a link sent to you by email. After registering, you can use the service with your own login and password. When you sign in for the first time, please check your contact information and edit it, if necessary. Most of TYS’ tenant communication and invoices will only be sent to the email address you have given, so it is good to keep the contact information up to date. You can view and edit your contact information through the Tenant Page’s My information tab.

Changing your password

You can change the password to the Tenant Pages through the My information page. If credentials to the Tenant Pages are delivered to you by email, for example, remember to change your password during your first visit.

If you forget your password, you can order a new one through the Tenant Pages’ Forgotten password link.


Tenant Pages feature

  • your rental agreement
  • your rent’s payment data
  • your apartment application
  • an apartment form
  • your information
  • fault report
  • reservations to laundry and sauna facilities
  • the property’s information
  • notice of termination
  • tenant instructions
  • messages
To the Tenant Pages

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