The rents for TYS apartments are 15-20% below market rents

Strategy 2017-2022

The aim of the strategy process was work interactively and create a new strategy for TYS to guide operational planning in the coming years.
Work on the strategy started in March 2016 and it was completed in November of the same year. The foundation’s board approved the updated strategy on September 17th, 2019.

Strategy for the Student Village Foundation of Turku

Strategic aims:

  • TYS provides housing for 25 % of the students in Turku. This means increasing new production so that we can reach the long-term goal of 10,000 residencies.
  • At the same time we increase new production, we also prepare for abandoning student housing premises that are less attractive due to their location or apartment distribution and for which large-scale basic renovations are no longer feasible.
  • Digitalisation will bring new electronic services and operational models that will make the foundation’s services smoother and add to living comfort.
  • The Student Village will form an integral part of the new campus area.
  • TYS will be a forerunner in environmentally-friendly construction.
  • Reciprocity and equality in partnerships with interest groups.

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