Queueing an apartment

Queueing an apartment takes a little bit of patience, but it's worth it!

Information about queueing

The normal status of an application is ‘in the queue’. This means that an apartment offer has not yet been made and that the application is still in the queue for an apartment. The application is valid for three months. When the three months are about to come to an end, you will be sent a reminder and you can then renew your application, using your account. For those applying for internal transfer, the application will remain valid as long as the applicant lives with TYS or an apartment is offered to them.

Queuing time

The application queues change all the time, as new applications arrive, offers are accepted and applications are cancelled. It is also possible to apply for several housing locations with one application, which means that a change of one application may alter the queueing situation of several housing locations. The applications do not have a specific number in the queue, as the real-time situation changes constantly. You can enquire more information about the application’s status through the customer services.

Tips for those queuing for an apartment

  • Renew your application every six months so that it does not expire.
  • You can add, remove and change your locations during the application period based on your own wishes through your Tenant Pages account.
  • If your apartment need changes and you no longer need an apartment, please remove your application from the queue.

Factors affecting the queue

The application’s place in the queue is determined based on the application’s original date of submission, which means that the oldest applications are in the head of the queue. The applicant can freely edit their application during the application period without dropping to the end of the queue. However, changing the search criteria may affect the application’s place in the queue, as the different locations and apartment types have different number of applicants. In the family apartment queue, those applying for an apartment with a child will always be placed ahead of those who do not have children.

Income and wealth comparisons will be applied when selecting tenants, and priority will be given to low-income applicants.

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