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Exchange Students Arrival and Keys

Welcome to Turku

Apartment key

When your lease starts on the first day of the month, you can pick up the key earliest on the first working day of that month after midday (according to the Finnish rental law and the previous tenant has time until this to return the key) from the Housing Office (address: Inspehtorinkatu 12A). The key is available only during office hours, not on evenings, weekends or public holidays.

Spring semester 2022: Tenants moving into apartments in Iltakajo and Student Village West can pick up their keys from 15th December 2021 and tenants moving into apartments in Student Village East can pick up their keys from 3rd January 2022. Please note: Move in date is 3rd January 2022. Even if you pick-up your keys earlier, you can´t move in earlier than 3rd January 2022. Please note that the move-in and move-out date in January is the same day, so the cleaning of the apartments may still be in progress on 3rd January 2022.

Please also note that the key has to be activated before it can be used. The activation can be done 3rd January 12 am at the earliest. You can find instructions for activation in the key envelope.

If you are arriving later than in the beginning of the month then you can pick up the key after your arrival (during office hours). If you are arriving outside office hours, you can ask your student tutor from your arrival university to pick up the key in advance for you (if the key is already available). Please contact your arrival university to find out who’s going to be your tutor and the tutor will contact TYS for possible early key request (remember to tell your tutor your apartment’s address).

Please note that the time when you pick up the key does not affect on the rent, the rent is paid for the full semester.

Apartment form

When moving in a new apartment every tenant must fill in an apartment form in the Tenant Pages. Apartment form is really important to fill in, since this document is checked after moving out. If you notice that something is not working in your apartment when checking the condition or later on during your stay, please fill in fault report at the Tenant Pages.

Spare key

If you lock yourself out, you can borrow a spare key the TYS Housing Office during the office hours. At all other times the maintenance company takes care of opening doors. The number for tenants in Student Village is 02 284 6998 (normal phone call rates apply) and tenants in Iltakajo 0500 523 759 (normal phone call rates apply). Door opening from the number on weekdays from 4pm to 8am and on weekends 24h. This service is chargeable (the charge is around 40 € + possible invoice fee) and a tenant must be able to prove his/hers identity with an official identification, for example a passport.

If you loose your key, please contact the Housing Office immediately.

After arrival

Please remember also to sign your lease after your arrival. You will find your contract in an envelope with your keys. Tenants living in Iltakajo can drop the signed lease in a mailbox in the lobby of house C and tenants living in Student Village can drop the contract in a key return hatch in the left side of TYS Housing Ofiices door. From our website you can find more information concerning living in TYS.

Welcome to study in Turku!

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