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Best selection of available apartment is in the spring

In the spring we have the best selections of available apartments
Check out the options and grab yours!

Living in TYS, you can focus on the essentials

In the spring, a lot of different apartments will become vacant in TYS at a steady pace, so now is the best time to apply.

Our comfortable apartments are about 15-20% cheaper than similar apartments in the private market. There is no  deposit and the rent includes electricity, a great internet suitable for studying in distance, four sauna shifts per month and water in almost all housing projects (water is not included in the rent in Tyyssija’s apartments, Aitiopaikka´s apartments, nor in some Kuunsilta apartments where water is billed monthly according to consumption). So when you live with us, you can focus on the essentials, and you don’t have to worry about other additional living costs in addition to the rent.

Our housing locations are located in the immediate vicinity to good transportation and other services. TYS’s housing locations also offer tenants a wide range of useful housing services from laundries, shared cars to club rooms. In addition, TYS’s housing locations are located in the immediate vicinity of great outdoor routes, so it is easy to recharge your batteries outdoors between remote lectures and essays.

Grab your own home from our selection!

Examples of apartments our currently available apartments

Student Village West

  • One room + shared kitchen, 17,9-18,3m2, 294,01-305,47€/ month – room with own refrigerator.
    Explore the apartment virtually by clicking on the image. The pictures are examples of apartments. The condition and materials of the apartments may vary.

Student Village East

  • Room in a 3-person shared apartment, 23m2, 301,88€ / month


  • 11 room + kitchenette (shared hallway), 30.0-32.5 m2, 368.80-370.08€/month


  • Room in a shared apartment for 2 people, 25m2, 258,08€ / month
  • Room in a shared apartment for 3 people, 23m2, 236,32€ / month
  • Room in a shared apartment for 4 people, 30m2, the apartment has a sauna, 332,90€ / month


  • Room in a shared apartment for 2 people, 29m2,260.63€ / month
  • Room in a shared apartment for 3 people, 23m2, 237,68€ / month

How can I apply?

  • Find out more about our apartments through the apartment search.
  • Fill in the application at the earliest 3 months before the apartment is needed. Those waiting for the results of student selection can fill in the application before their student place is confirmed.
  • Please note that in August and September, all apartments that become available will be allocated to students beginning their studies in Turku.
  • If necessary, update your application through the Tenant Pages. You will receive your login information by email after filling in the application.
  • Apartment offers are usually sent about four to six weeks before the contract is about to start.
  • Remember to renew your application every six months through the Tenant Pages, otherwise the application will be deleted automatically.

Who can apply?

  • full-time students of post-comprehensive school educational institutes in Turku
  • also students of upper secondary schools and vocational institutes
  • researchers
  • interns
  • a student of a educational institutes in Finland studying remotely in Turku with a justified reason

After graduation, students are able to continue their tenancy for up to one year, upon a separate agreement. Find out more about our housing locations.

TYS also offers youth apartments, which can be applied for by 18–29-year-old young adults living in Turku (not students). Fixed-term contracts of a maximum of five years will be made for these apartments. Youth apartments are available at two different housing locations, Ironside and Kiertotähti.

Check out all available apartments

Check out our available apartments

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